Providing education to our members on the vast and varied aspects of fly fishing is an important part of the mission of IWFF.

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Why Practice Fly Casting, MaryAnn Dozer,

IWFF member, guide and casting instructor MaryAnn Dozer shared a helpful and informative article about fly casting in our spring newsletter.

When you fly cast – does the entire fly line, leader and fly fall in a straight line with no coils? Can you cast greater than 40 feet of line and have it lay out straight in front of you? Do you know: What a reach cast is? What is a wiggle cast is? What a curve cast…read more


Line Management, MaryAnn Dozer,

Great article on line management and the importance of mending your fly line on the water. MaryAnn Dozer is a skilled angler and instructor in Oregon.

IWFF MA Line Mgmt Figure 2I ended my last article with the line “fly fishing is a wonderful sport as the learning curve is perpetual”. A critical and large part of that learning curve is line management. Line management is the skill that separates out the really good fly fishers from just all the other fly fishers…read more

Flies and Entomology

Atlantic Salmon Flies For Another Season, Sylvie Malo-Clark

The Green highlander featured in the magazine Fly Fusiion - Summer 2014

Seasoned angler and talented fly tyer, Sylvie Malo-Clark shares wisdom and fly patterns for fishing for wild Atlantic salmon in the rivers of Eastern Canada.

In my part of the world, anglers start preparing for wild Atlantic salmon fishing the day after the season ends. Stories of the one caught or the one that got away are told and retold. Most importantly salmon flies especially the ones successful at catching a wild chrome are reproduced…read more


Gear and Rigging

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