Advertising/Newsletter:  Hilary Pegum and Dorothy Koukari

Historian/Interviews:  Cheryl Cline

Biographer:  Fanny Krieger

Club Liaison:  Nikki Blum

Education/Conservation:  Alice Owsley and Mia Sheppard

Elections:  Peggy Brenner

Events: (Rendezvous, Festival and Site Selection)

        Rendezvous – Chair is Judith Austin Brown,

        Festival Site Selection – Chair is Fanny Krieger

Fly Fishing Show Coordinator:  East:Ellen King   West:Fanny Krieger

Industry: Pudge Kleinkauf

Membership:   Joan Piesinger

Promotions/Public Relations/Marketing: Karen Hall

Service Organization Outreach:(Casting for Recovery, Wounded Warriors, Project HealingWaters, etc.)
Ellen King

Social Media/Facebook:  Geri Meyer

Website:  Rachel Andras      Susan Baer     Vanessa Cummings

Website coordinator:  Rebecca Blair

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